COLTER WALL, ‘Songs of the Plains’ – “Tra i più riflessivi giovani artisti country della sua generazione”, The New Yorker. Dal 12 ottobre per Thirty Tigers. Ascolta il primo estratto dal nuovo album


Il nuovo album del cowboy canadese Colter Wall ‘Songs of the Plains’ uscirà il 12 ottobre per Young Mary’s Record Co. e Thirty Tigers,
anticipato dal singolo ‘Plain to See Plainsman’ e dalla cover del classico ‘Calgary Round-Up’.

Ascolta ‘Plain to See Plainsman’ –

Ascolta il classico ‘Calgary Round-Up’ rivisitato da Colter Wall per il nuovo album ‘Songs of the Plains’ –

‘Plain to See Plainsman’ live per Paste Magazine –

“Tra i più riflessivi giovani artisti country della sua generazione” – The New Yorker 


Registrato agli RCA Studio di Nashville con il produttore vincitore di un Grammy Award Dave Cobb,
il nuovo album di Colter è composto da 11 brani, incluso il primo singolo’Plain to See Plainsman’.

Oltre a sette brani originali l’album include anche splendide versioni riarrangiate da Colter Wall stesso di ‘Wild Dogs’ di Billy Don Burns,
‘Calgary Round-Up’ di Wilf Carter e due brani della tradizione cowboy, ‘Night Herding Song’ e ‘Tying Knots in the Devil’s Tail’.

Oltre a Wall l’album è stato registrato da Cobb (acoustic guitar), Lloyd Green (pedal steel), Chris Powell (drums, spoons),
Jason Simpson (bass), Mickey Raphael (harmonica), Blake Berglund (vocals) e Corb Lund (vocals).

One thing I’ve noticed over the last few years, in the United States and playing in Europe,
is that people all over the world really don’t know much about Canada at all…When you talk about Saskatchewan, people really have no idea.
Part of it is because there are so few people there. It’s an empty place—it makes sense that people don’t know much about it.
But that’s my home, so naturally I’m passionate about it. With this record, I really wanted people to look at our Western heritage and our culture.”

– Colter Wall

COLTER WALL – ‘Songs of the Plains’
Dal 12 ottobre per Young Mary’s Record Co./Thirty Tigers

01. “Plain to See Plainsman” (written by Colter Wall) / 02. “Saskatchewan In 1881” (written by Colter Wall)
03. “John Beyers (Camaro Song)” (written by Colter Wall) / 04. “Wild Dogs” (written by Billy Don Burns)
05. “Calgary Round-Up” (written by Wilf Carter) / 06. “Night Herding Song” (Cowboy Traditional)
07. “Wild Bill Hickok” (written by Colter Wall) / 08. “The Trains are Gone” (written by Colter Wall)
09. “Thinkin’ on a Woman” (written by Colter Wall) / 10. “Manitoba Man” (written by Colter Wall)
11. “Tying Knots in the Devil’s Tail” (Cowboy Traditional)



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