NOAH GUNDERSEN annuncia “White Noise”, il terzo album in studio in uscita il 22 settembre per Cooking Vinyl


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Dopo “Ledges” (febbraio 2014) e “Carry The Ghost” (agosto 2015), il cantautore nato a Seattle NOAH GUNDERSENtorna con “White Noise”, il nuovo album in uscita il 22 settembre per Cooking Vinyl. Il disco si compone di una varietà di suoni ed atmosfere, dagli imponenti cori rock in “The Sound” (track 2), alla ballata al pianoforte “New Religion” (track 9). Gunderson mantiene comunuqe il suo stile di songwriter profondo e maturo, tant’è che Rolling Stone lo ha definito “soul of a wise, grizzly rocker”



Artista: TUSKS

Titolo Album: WHITE NOISE

Release date: 22 SETTEMBRE 2017


Distribuzione: EDEL



1. After All 2.  The Sound  3. Heavy Metals

4. Number One Hit Of The Summer

5. Cocaine Sex & Alcohol (From A Basement In Los Angeles)

6. Bad Actors  7. Fear & Loathing  8. Sweet Talker

9. New Religion  10. Bad Desire

11. Wake Me Up I’m Drowning  12. Dry Year

13. Send The Rain (To Everyone)



Two years after the release of his highly acclaimed LP Carry The Ghost, Seattle native NOAH GUNDERSEN is ready to debut his newest body of work entitled White Noise on 22nd September, 2017 through Cooking Vinyl. As the first introduction to the bolder sound on his third studio LP, Gundersen has unveiled a lyric video of “The Sound”, which is out now through all streaming platforms.

When asked about “The Sound”, Gundersen noted the inspiration came from, “Waiting for the muse, remembering how it was, how the spark used to seem so immediate in that magic place.”

“White Noise is a sensory overload,” Gundersen explains. “Fear, anxiety, desire, sex, lust, love. White Noise is the place between waking and dreaming, where the edges blur and the light is strange. It’s a car crash, it’s a drowning, it’s everything all the time.”

The conception of White Noise started long before Gundersen stepped into his homemade studio, nestled inside a 1600 sq. ft. loft on the marina in Ballard, Washington.  “At the beginning of 2016, I walked on stage and was met with a feeling of overwhelming emptiness” explains Gundersen. “I imagined a career playing music I didn’t believe in and was terrified.”

After his set, a fellow songwriter expressed a quote to Gundersen from famed choreographer, Martha Graham: “No artist is ever pleased… There is only a queer, divine dissatisfaction; a blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others.” From there, something awoke in Gundersen that can now be best described as the 13 tracks that embody White Noise.





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