La pop-rock band americana Jule Vera ha pubblicato oggi il nuovo singolo “Bad Company“, tratto dall’album “Waiting On The Sun“, disponibile dal16 giugno via Weekday Records/Sony RAL. “Waiting on the sun” è stato registrato e prodotto da Frequency. Pre-order disponibile qui.

Ascolta “Bad Company” cliccando l’immagine sotto!

With Waiting For The Sun, Jule Vera veered from their comfort zone and began experimenting with their developing sound. They played with guitar tones and percussive measures to create a unique sound amongst their hybrid of rock and pop. “On one of the songs, we put this part where Kyle, our drummer, played the strings on the guitar with sticks while Jake, one of our guitarists, played the chords. It just created a completely one of a kind rhythm and sound” says Newman. This approach to music yielded a record with incredibly diverse sonics throughout, sounding almost like a cross between Paramore and Taylor Swift, with the band also taking large influences from the likes of Queen and Michael Jackson. “We all love music from such different genres, so we are able to pull inspiration from all different types of music”.

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