Papa Roach: ecco il video di Periscope

Il gruppo statunitense PAPA ROACH rivela oggi “Periscope“, il terzo video ufficiale tratto dall’ultimo album “Crooked Teeth“. Il brano ed il video sono in collaborazione con la multi-premiata cantante ed autrice Skylar Grey. Scorri in basso per leggere il comunicato integrale in inglese.

Guarda il video cliccando sull’immagine qui sotto!

The video  was directed by award-winning firm The Uprising Creative (Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Big Sean, Lil Jon) who cited the inspiration for the video was “to create a moody, different look for the band using a stylistic light exploration – exploring color through light, projection and dynamic performances of the performers.”

Periscope is inspired by the realization that sometimes within a relationship you might not be worth being loved or that the other person may not be worth your love, and the struggle within that— how much effort it takes to make things work” says Papa Roach lead vocalist Jacoby Shaddix.  “One part that I think is really meaningful in the video is when Skylar and I are in the shot at the same time, yet we’re not engaging with each other.  It represents the ‘disconnection’ with two people, which is very much what the lyrics describe.” Grey adds, “You are loving someone from a distance, not able to reach them”.

For a behind the scenes look at the video for “Periscope,” fans can head over here.



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