PETER BRODERICK pres. il video live di “CARRIED”, il primo singolo tratto dal nuovo album “Partners” pubblicato ad agosto via Erased Tapes/Audioglobe


A poco più di un mese dalla pubblicazione di “Partners”, il nuovo album di studio uscito il 19 agosto 2016 per Erased Tapes/Audioglobe



Il video di  CARRIED” – il primo singolo tratto dal nuovo album –  registrato live in occasione della sua peformance per “Piano Day 2016” al Courtyard Theatre di Londra

Guarda e condividi il video live di “Carried” da qui:

“I began writing the main theme in Carried back around 2011 whilst living in Berlin. I lived above a piano shop and my landlord was the shop owner, and he was nice enough to give me a set of keys to the shop and encouraged me to go in whenever I want after hours and play all the different pianos. This piece is one I wrote on one of his pianos. I played the song every so often in various forms over the years that followed, but it wasn’t until this last Winter that I really dove back into it and came up with more or less a definitive version. I had been spending countless hours learning to play John Cage’s In A Landscape on the piano, and after learning that wonderful work I was inspired to record a version of it as well as some other works of my own. And it was at that point that I realized the last two notes ofIn A Landscape were the same two notes (albeit up a couple octaves) that begin Carried . . . so it seemed like a no-brainer to put them back-to-back on a record. Furthermore, I’d like to add that the title of this piece is an homage to the Carry brothers (Mark and Craig), who have shown me the most incredible, unwavering support through their blog ‘Fractured Air’, and also introduced me to my now-partner Brigid (who wrote the last song on Partners) by putting us on the same bill together in Cork back in November 2014 . . . indeed I have been Carried along by the Carry brothers. When I played this piece in Cork last winter, before it had a title, Mark came up to me after the show and commented specifically on how much he enjoyed that song. I was not planning to tell them that this song is a tribute to them, but when asked to write about the song, I couldn’t leave it out.” – Peter Broderick –





Release date: 19 AGOSTO 2016


Distribuzione: AUDIOGLOBE




1. Partners 2. In A Landscape 3. Carried 4. Under The Bridge 5. Conspiraling 6. Up Niek Mountain 7. Sometimes


Tra le prime firme dell’etichetta neoclassica Erased Tapes Records, l’artista originario di Portland, ma di stanza a Berlino,  torna con “Partners”, il nuovo album di studio, il sesto, uscito il 19 agosto 2016.  Noto per la sua capacità di trasportare le emozioni nel mondo della musica contemporanea, in “Partners” Peter Broderick sperimenta, per la prima volta nella sua carriera,  una serie di voci su piano recordings

For close to a decade, Portland’s Peter Broderick has cut his own unpredictable path through the world of contemporary music. So far, his wanderings have led him from solo works into the realms of film, dance and documentary scores, as well as art installations. Now Peter takes that unpredictability one step further. For his latest album, a series of voice and piano recordings, he experiments with chance, surrendering an entire song’s composition to the roll of dice.

As he explains in an email to Erased Tapes founder Robert Raths, it was John Cage’s tendency to remove himself from his music, to somehow automate his own process, which inspired the strange mechanics with which this record was created. In the words of Cage himself, ‘the world is teeming; anything can happen.’


23.09. Fukuoka (JP) Papparayray
24.09. Kyoto (JP) Former Rissei Elementary School
25.09. Nagoya (JP) Valentinedrive
26.09. Okayama (JP) Inryoji Temple
28.09. Tokyo (JP) Lutheran Ichigaya Hall
29.09. Tokyo (JP) Fluss
01.10. Taipei (TW) P Festival
19.10. London (UK) St. Pancras Old Church (sold out)
20.10. Bristol (UK) The Cube Cinema
21.10. Oxford (UK) St. Barnabas Church
22.10. Manchester (UK) St. Michaels Church
29.10. Cobh (IE) Sirius Arts Centre
02.11. Aveiro (PT) Teatro Aveirense
03.11. Porto (PT) Casa da Música
04.11. Lisbon (PT) CCB
10.11. Zwolle (NL) Statenzaal
12.11. Münster (DE) Petrikirche
13.11. Tecklenburg (DE) Hotel Drei Kronen
14.11. Hannover (DE) Feinkostlampe
16.11. Dresden (DE) Societaetstheater

17.11. Berlin (DE) Badehaus Szimpla


Peter Broderick è un compositore americano originario dell’Oregon che ora vive a Berlino. Cresciuto come polistrumentista, è diventato velocemente popolare come turnista per M. Ward a Portland e si è esibito dal vivo come membro della band danese Efterklang fin dal 2007. Attraverso tour senza sosta, registrazioni multiple di album e colonne sonore per film si è affermato come artista solista e collaboratore di contemporanei come il compagno di etichetta Nils Frahm. Il suo dono innato di medium della musica, il prendere in mano qualsiasi strumento per trasformare i suoi pensieri in canzoni, ha fatto conquistare a questo giovane compositore molti cuori in tutto il mondo.


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