THE POP GROUP: la band di Mark Stewart in studio con Dennis Bovell e Hank Shocklee per un nuovo album!


I provocatori del post-punk in studio con Dennis Bovell, già produttore del seminale album “Y”, e Hank Shocklee, 

membro fondatore dei Public Enemy e leggendario produttore di Bomb Squad



The Pop Group released Citizen Zombie, to critical acclaim in February 2015.

The band commenced an extensive reissue programme in 2014 with the rerelease of We Are Time and an archival collection of previously unreleased material entitled Cabinet of Curiosities. Their long out of print second studio album,For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? was reissued earlier this year followed by an official bootleg of live tapes entitled The Boys Whose Head Exploded, featuring rare footage from the Don Letts Punk Rock Archives.



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