The Veils: “Total Depravity”, il nuovo album


In anteprima per Stereogum la band simbolo del post-brit pop regala un assaggio di Total Depravity”, il nuovo album in uscita il 26 agosto, il primo per Nettwerk Music Group

The Veils presentano lo streaming esclusivo di “Axolotl”, prima traccia di “Total Depravity”:

“‘Axolotl’ boasts menacing instrumentation with Run The Jewels’ trademark stomp-and-sludge slowed to a creeping march over which Andrews waxes poetic about the titular amphibian (a type of Mexican salamander colloquially referred to as a “walking fish”), amongst other vaguely-religious and horrific imagery. All the reverential doom and gloom reaches a fever pitch when Andrews proclaims: “Who needs the devil when you’ve got the lord?” But by the time the dismally grand array of guitar solos and trumpets in the outro fade away, the Veils make the two opposing forces sound like one in the same.” – STEREOGUM

Total Depravity” esce il 26 agosto 2016 e segna il ritorno di Finn Andrews e soci.
Prodotto da Adam “Tom” Greenspan e Nick Launay (già al lavoro con numerosi artisti tra cui Nick Cave & TheBad Seeds, Arcade Fire, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) che hanno curato anche la produzione del precedente “Nux Vomica”, il nuovo lavoro vede la collaborazione di El-P (Run The Jewels) ed arriva a distanza di tre anni dall’ultimo album di studio.


Over a period of roughly 2 years an album began to take shape. There is a large cast of characters on this record. L. Ron Hubbard, Axolotls of course, kind natured crocodiles, a psychotic truck driver, The Pope and Ingrid Bergman all get a look in. The songs are all stories of various kinds; some experienced firsthand, others fabricated for my own amusement. It’s the first time I’ve ever written songs using mutilated loops and sounds as a starting point, though some of the songs also began on piano and were messed with later”- Finn Andrews


Qui un piccolo assaggio direttamente dallo studio: Watch (and Share) HERE:


“…the most moving, unsettling and unexpectedly haunting thing I’ve seen in rock music this year…they really, truly frightened me” – LA Times

“There’s a new skinny giant in town. Intoxicating.” – Uncut (UK) 

“Gloriously sad-eyed rock that preaches to the perverted… The Veils have their own kind of elegant, seductive power.” – The Guardian (UK) | | | |


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