The Pop Group annunciano il nuovo disco: Citizen Zombie


“The years have divested this band’s music of none of its urgent potency.”The Guardian 2014 

“It was an amazing opportunity and very exciting to be working with the guys.  The energy is still there, the idea is still there, it still fizzes with a life that most young bands today just don’t have.” – Paul Epworth 2014

“Even I am shocked by the album. It really flips the script. Expect the unexpected. Let the freak flag fly.” – Mark Stewart 2014


Citizen Zombie tracklist:

  1. Citizen Zombie
  2. Mad Truth
  3. Nowhere Girl
  4. Shadow Child
  5. The Immaculate Deception
  6. s.o.p.h.i.a.
  7. Box 9
  8. Nations
  9. St. Outrageous
  10. Age Of Miracles
  11. Echelon


Citizen Zombie arriva a 35 anni di distanza dall’ultimo lavoro di studio del Pop Group. Registrato in due anni in varie location ed ultimato negli studi di Paul Epworth, fan della band da lungo tempo, il nuovo disco segna l’atteso ritorno di Mark Stewart e soci, nella loro formazione originaria (Mark Stewart: testi e voce, Dan Catsis: basso, Gareth Sager: chitarra, Bruce Smith: batteria)

“From his work with Phones onwards, I’ve loved his work and think he’s one of the world’s best producers. He gave us the freedom to create and, with his help, destiny rides again for The Pop Group”, così Mark Stewart commenta Citizen Zombie ed il rapporto lavorativo con Epworth.

E’ attiva su Pledge Music una campagna contro l’utilizzo ed il commercio delle armi attraverso la quale è possibile pre ordinare Citizen Zombie e merchandising esclusivo:


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