Kiasmos: ecco il nuovo progetto su Erased Tapes


Artista: KIASMOS
Release Date: 28 ottobre 2014
Label: Erased Tapes Records
In uscita in CD, doppio vinile e digital download

1. Lit
2. Held
3. Looped
4. Swayed
5. Thrown
6. Dragged
7. Bent
8. Burnt


La stampa internazionale sul brano Burnt, tratto da Kiasmos:
‘Full of melancholy-frosted electronics and emotive swells of classical piano, the new single from Nordic duo Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen is a delicate, icy slowburn – much like the project itself’ NME
‘Their melancholy instrumentals will soothe the soul’MYI Iggy
‘A dramatic track, full of slow builds and moody flourishes’UTR
‘The pace of ‘Burnt’ comes from twisted, mangled synthesisers and a beat acting as the driving force’ DIY

Kiasmos è il progetto dance del compositore vincitore del premio BAFTA Ólafur Arnalds e di Janus Rasmussen, la mente della band elettro-pop Bloodgroup. L’omonimo disco di debutto Kiasmos, registrato nello studio di Reykjavík di Ólafur, è stato composto con strumenti acustici come pianoforte, batteria ed quartetto d’archi affiancati a sintetizzatori, drum machine e delay: il risultato è un disco che si adatta alla perfezione sia all’ascolto casalingo che al ballo. Se si ascolta attentamente è possibile individuare i diversi utilizzi delle dita sul piano e persino il suono del lento scorrere del metallo di un accendino che sostituisce l’ordinario suono del hi-hat elettronico, donando all’album un’atmosfera estremamente intima ed unica.

We decided to start almost completely over with this record, so most of the material is written this year with the idea of making a record that can stand as one piece rather than a collection of songs. I am very excited to get a proper record out exploring a different territory than I am used to. I touch a lot on electronic genres in my own music but never have the opportunity to go full out electronic like we do here. Ólafur Arnalds

The Kiasmos project has been around since 2009, but because of all our other projects we never really got the time to sit down and write all the tracks we always wanted to. So when we early this year finally found the time to sit down and make a full length album there was so much we wanted to try out. The result surprised us a bit, it’s deeper and more emotional than we imagined it to be, but that’s the beauty of being able to make an album.”
Janus Rasmussen

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