EP Review & Interview: Airhockey – “Walkthrough”


Gli anni ’80 non avranno mai fine, questo grazie anche a una nuova band proveniente da Miami che prende il nome di Airhockey.
La band è formata da: Melanie Sarria al basso; Sebastian Hidalgo, alla voce, chitarra e synth; Mike Diaz, anch’egli alla chitarra e ai synth; John Olin alla batteria.
Il loro EP di debutto si chiama “Walkthrough”, presentato in anteprima dai singoli “Try” e il più recente “Just Not Fair” e uscito lo scorso 17 luglio.

Il genere presentato dalla band non si allontana affatto dalla metà\fine degli anni ’80, proponendo una New Wave particolare e dalle varie tonalità che catturano e intrappolano atmosfere sognanti tra Dream Pop, Shoegaze e Indie Pop.
I Synth, da come si può sentire da “Just Not Fair” e dall’EP d’esordio – presente sul loro Bandcamp – si intrecciano rigogliosi con le due chitarre creando melodie affascinanti, dal retrogusto quasi fantasy, ritmi trasognanti e voci soffuse, come un’eco che volteggia nell’aria.
“Walkthrough” è dedicato agli ascoltatori che amano sognare, ma anche lasciarsi andare tra note un po’ più “scure” e profonde della shoegaze.

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  1. When and how did you begin this music project?
    Airhockey began as bedroom jams between Melanie Sarria and Sebastian Hidalgo. The band formed gradually over 2018, with additional members John Olin and Mike Diaz on board before the end of that year. We all had very similar ideas and all were looking at starting a live project in this style. The name came up during one of our early practices. We were thinking of countless name ideas and also what to do after practice. While discussing visiting the local arcade, for some reason we all looked at each other when John mentioned air hockey and knew that was it.

  2. Which are your main influences?
    There are too many inspirations to list here but some include The Radio Dept., Wild Nothing, Slowdive, Beach Fossils and Broken Social Scene.
  3. How was produced your EP?
    Producing our debut album had its ups and downs. We got through a lot of the work quickly since we’ve played most of the songs live before and had a sense of the style we wanted to go for. The details and coordinating ended up taking a bit of work and time, especially with how limited things like social interactions have been the past few months.
  4. Have you ever played live?
    Yes, we started playing live in 2019 and really enjoy the response we’ve gotten so far. We always get a little (or a lot) nervous at first but once the music starts, suddenly everything feels connected. It’s a shame that we couldn’t keep the momentum going this year but we are adding things and adjusting to be ready as soon as it is safe to perform again.
  5. Do you prefer playing live or working \ recording in a studio?
    That’s a tough call, there are really nice and stressful things about both. I think hearing everything live that we put together piece by piece in the studio is definitely one of the most rewarding experiences.
  6. What have you learnt during this lockdown?
    We learned how to make the best with what we have during the lockdown. Not everything was accessible or ideal but we managed to get resourceful. It also helps that Sebastian and Mel have a home studio set-up which is pretty humble but has just enough to make our sound what it is. We’ve all managed to work remotely as well and share our thoughts and input.
  7. How do you feel when you’re on stage?
    We’re still working on fine-tuning some things but we definitely want to have a fresh and new performance ready to go. We want to include some new songs and performance ideas as well as some updated visuals.
  8. Thanks for your answers. Hope to see you somewhere one day.
    Thank you so much! That really means a lot to us and we were lucky that most of the work and recording was done before we all had to quarantine. It definitely slowed down the process and we had to adjust a lot of ideas, but everything came together in the end and we still have a few more surprises for the EP coming in the next couple of weeks.
  9. The lyrics range quite a bit but are mostly centered on intimacy. ‘Not Enough’ is about the first time Sebastian saw Melanie but was too nervous to say anything. It all tends to focus on details of affection that don’t usually get that much attention. ‘Try’ is about agreeing to disagree and ‘Disguise’ is about understanding how people can react differently to the same things.

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