Intervista con Vera Sola @ Le Guess Who? 2018


Nel corso dell’edizione numero 12 de Le Guess Who?, ho avuto modo di intervistare via mail (ahimè, ma una situazione alquanto esilarante si verificò in occasione di quella giornata e capitò proprio all’artista in questione) Vera Sola, per me una delle artiste più influenti e suggestive non solo del festival ma anche di questo 2018 – “Shades”, il suo album d’esordio è uscito lo scorso 9 novembre.
La giovane cantautrice sembra venir fuori da una fiaba dei fratelli Grimm, ha una voce profonda e mozzafiato e scoprire di più sulla sua musica grazie a quest’intervista non può che farmi piacere: di artiste DONNE poli strumentiste, dotate di voci così intense e in grado di mescolare realtà con racconti fantastici – a tratti un po’ inquietanti- e cover dei Misfits (QUI potete leggere la mia review sul suo concerto al festival olandese) ne abbiamo tutti bisogno.

1. When/how have you started this project?
-This project began in earnest in February of 2017, when everything I knew about life and how to live burned to the ground and left me standing in its ashes. I’d been afraid to sing my own songs before then, but in the wake of such chaos—I’d lost or was in the process of losing everything—I figured there wasn’t anything keeping me from taking the risk of putting my music out there.

2. Was it your first time at this festival? Did you enjoy it?
-It was—and it was wonderful. I sadly didn’t have the time to take in as much music as I would have liked to, because we had to leave rather quickly after our set, but I truly hope to be back before long.

3. What did you like the most during this experience?
-The inclusivity, the expansive nature of the genres and the sounds that are show cased at the festival. The wonderful people—performing and in attendance.

4. There were too many topical issues (immigration, feminism, people rights) and conferences at Le Guess Who? this year. Do you think your art and music are related to one of these topics?
-Absolutely—I think my art and music touches on all of these topics.

5. What inspires you the most? What are your artistic influences?
-Everything, truly. I really find as much inspiration in snippets of language from tabloid papers as in canonical literature as in pop music as in classical music. Stories especially though, told to me in bars or overheard on the street or read online. It all works.

6. What would you like to convey with your music?
-Honesty and emotionality. And dark humor.

7. How’s the music scene in your hometown?
-I live in Los Angeles now, and the music scene is great. But I don’t feel very much a part of it, as I’m traveling so much.

8. What’s the best part of touring all over the world?
-Seeing and experiencing that which I’d never have the chance to otherwise, and being able to do so as a means to play music is beyond a dream. Meeting people and eating wonderful (and terrible) food and staying in wonderful (and terrible) places. It’s all a wild, surreal thing. It’s especially great when you’re traveling with fantastic companions.

9. Do you have any plans for your future? What’s your biggest dream?
– I take each day as it comes. I’ve never had good luck with expectation, so I’m just trying to enjoy what I have now without worrying too much about what’s coming next. But more music. More development. More friends. That can be said.


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