Interview with Silverbacks


1) When and how did you decide to form a band? Why did you choose your current name for a band? 

Kilian: Hey LostInGroove, good question! Silverbacks started in Brussels Belgium, where Daniel and I would write together in the garage at home as teenagers. We originally uploaded our rough recordings up on myspace under the name Mighty Good Leaders. That band name was after a Beck song but we soon changed our mind and settled on Silverbacks… I can’t remember why! When Daniel and I moved to Ireland we teamed up with silver buddies Peadar, Emma and Gary. We have all recently started to go a little bit silver in the hair so maybe the band name has finally found some meaning.

2) Which inspired you the most? (Influences, artists….)  

Kilian: Collectively we have a wide range of influences, Gary is a big man for the reggae, Peadar does his own electronic stuff under the name Phare… so there is a lot going on at times. We all have a mutual love for Thin lizzy and ”The Boys Are Back In Town” is our go-to karaoke tune. I think the 70s CBGB scene is probably one of our strongest reference points, with bands like Talking Heads, Blondie and Television though you can’t really blame us!

3) How was producing your debut album? 

Kilian: it was great fun! We recorded it with Daniel Fox, the master bassist of the one and only Girl Band. We will be recording album number two with him towards the end of this year and hopefully we’ll get to spend a little longer experimenting in the studio this time around.

4) Do you have any rituals before the show? 

Kilian: We do indeed. Peadar is given the duty of counting how many pints each of us has drank before going onstage. It is an important job and he executes it like a prison warden.

5) Do you prefer playing in a club or working – recording in a studio? 

Kilian: I love both equally. Playing live is a really good buzz and one of my main hopes with Silverbacks is that we get to travel the world together playing gigs. I would also say that we haven’t had too much time yet in the studio, so there is a lot to look forward to.

6) How do you feel playing around the world \ UK? (Really hope to see you soon in Italy or during  a summer festival) 

Kilian: To play a gig in Italy would be unreal! Our manager Gav has a fine collection of italo disco records. I’m sure he’d love to come over with us and expand his collection. So far we have only played Ireland, the UK and France… hopefully with Fad coming out it’ll lead to more globe trotting.

7)What do you learn during this lockdown? Do you have any surprise during your future shows for your fans? 

Kilian: I’ve been learning bluegrass guitar riffs! Maybe we’ll go country on everyone and surprise everyone with that!




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