Intervista con Hilary Woods


Nel corso de Le Guess Who? 2018 ho avuto modo di scoprire e ascoltare nuovi artisti e realtà musicali.
Ad alcuni di questi musicisti, ho deciso di chiedere un’intervista con domande che, come vedrete, saranno standard.
Oggi inizio questa nuova rubrica parlandovi della cantautrice Hilary Woods.
L’artista non è nuova nel panorama musicale, ma il suo progetto da solista (negli anni ’90 era bassista dei JJ72, band irlandese che sorrideva all’onda Britpop) arriva vent’anni dopo e, proprio in occasione del festival olandese, ha presentato il suo lavoro discografico “Colt”.
Tra sonorità oniriche e suggestive, in netto contrasto con melodie più dark, ecco qui le impressioni di Hilary Woods su Le Guess who? e alcuni dettagli sulla sua musica.

1.When/how have you started this project?
It feels like it’s both been around forever but
simultaneously very fresh to me. I thought about it for a long time, and then started committing to carving out the time to write a few years bk, and here I am.

2. Was it your first time at this festival? Did you enjoy

Yes, It was my first time and I loved it. A lot of my
favourite artists played this year, and it is a rare,
unique and beautiful thing to play a festival that
champions a lot of newer artists and a decent
proportion of underground music.

3. What did you like the most during this experience?
It was an absolute joy to work with the crew at LGW18, they were incredibly helpful. Also I loved the venue I played in, it was suitably intimate.

4. There were too many topical issues (immigration, feminism, people rights) and conferences at Le Guess Who? this year. Do you think your art and music are related to one of these topics?
Unfortunately I didn’t get to any of the conferences this year as I had to leave the day after I played. However yes – topical issues infiltrating the zeitgeist are always present somewhere (even in the listening of the music) whether they’re acknowledged directly or not or even at all, in the writing.

5. What inspires you the most? What are your artistic influences?
I’d say it varies a lot, I like reading, film, new ideas.

6. What would you like to convey with your music?
I think I’d like my music to connect on a sensory level.
Its bourn from a feeling, atmosphere, tone.

7. How’s the music scene in your hometown?
There are a lot of great musicians in Dublin and in
Ireland in general, and the scene is vibrant. The Irish music media circle is small however. Fortunately there are some newer promoters and more eclectic art labels on the up , so that is very heart warming.

8. What’s the best part of touring all over the world?
Meeting new people, and connecting to other artists.
And of course encountering various new cultures,
languages, landscapes, and food.

9. Do you have any plans for your future?
What’s your biggest dream?

Plenty of dreaming afloat, and a lot coming up for
2019. My biggest dream? It changes from minute to minute 😉


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