Intervista con gli Indoor Pets


Gli Indoor Pets sono una giovane band inglese che nasce nel Kent nel 2014: proprio loro saranno i supporter dell’unica data italiana degli ASH (al Legend Club di Milano, il prossimo 3 dicembre).
Il genere che propone questa band è  un pop “sporcato” da melodie rock spensierate e orecchiabili.
Di seguito potete leggere la nostra breve intervista con il frontman della band, Jamie Glass.

1.When and how did you start this project?
We started writing music together nearly 5 years ago because we were bored and didn’t want to grow up.

2.Why did you choose this name?
We’ve all had indoor pets and we all feel somewhat trapped
and domesticated. My first cat was the love of my life. RIP Myrtle.

3.Have you ever been to Italy? What do you expect from the Italian audience?
I’ve never been but I work with some lovely Italian people. If Italy is anything like them I expect a lot of passion and maybe a little bit of them telling me off all the time.

4.What inspires you the most? What are your artistic influences?
I’m personally inspired a lot by social trends. The chemistry of being a healthy human and how to achieve that without seeming like a total tool! Artistically we love so many things. From Bob Dylan to Talking Heads to Green Day. I think people can hear a lot of Grunge in our music. Caked in pop melodies.

5.What would you like to convey with your music?
I’m not sure I really want to convey anything. I just write about how I’m a weirdo that struggles a lot. If people can relate then that’s great but I can’t say I write for them. I’m far too selfish.

6.How’s the music scene in your hometown?
Our town doesn’t have a music venue so we used to have to travel far to play anywhere. We were mostly surrounded by Death Metal bands to start off with until we were able to spread our wings and travel a bit further out.

7.What’s the best part of touring all over the world?
I think touring is where we are most content. There isn’t any pressure other than to give people a good time, which has to start internally. We end up going a bit loopy in the van.

8. Do you have any plans for your future? What’s your biggest dream?
To be able to do this for a living. It’s a small dream but a tangible one that hopefully would make us happy.




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