Torres – a settembre una data al Magnolia di Milano

A distanza di due anni dall’omonimo album di debutto,
TORRES – aka Mackenzie Scott
ha pubblicato lo scorso 4 Maggio, via Partisan Records, il secondo album, Sprinter.
Anticipato dai singoli Strange Hellos e dalla title track,
il disco è stato prodotto da Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey, Scott Walker).
Al disco hanno partecipato anche Adrian Utley, chitarrista dei Portishead e Ian Olliver,
bassista di PJ, nuovamente a fianco di Ellis 23 anni dopo ‘Dry’.
Grande appassionata della musica di Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Kurt Cobain e Kate Bush,
nei testi di questo disco Mackenzie Scott tratta temi delicati come l’abbandono,
la ricerca di un’identità, le discriminazioni sessuali, l’alienazione.

annuncia il suo arrivo in Italia:

via circonvalazione idroscalo, 41, 20090 MI
Biglietto: 15 euro + d.p.
Prevendite disponibili su

In fuga dai confini della sua mente e al fine di ritrovare se stessa, Scott ha deciso di registrare il suo nuovo lavoro,
Sprinter, a Bridport nel Dorset, Inghilterra, e poi presso lo studio di Bristol di Adrian Utley dei Portishead.
Volevo qualcosa che derivasse molto chiaramente dalle mie radici conservatrici del sud ma che suonasse al tempo
stesso futuristico”

There’s a sense with Torres’ songs that a whole life has been lived within them” – Los Angeles Times
Lurching from horror-film creep into a ravaging sea of riffs and piercing electronic screams”NME
A blow-your-socks-off introduction that ranges from hard-hitting musings on disease to near-mutant screams, an enraged new take on Mackenzie’s delivery” – DIY
A grunge-rock maelstrom, rippling with St. Vincent-isms and the darkness of Nick Cave, PJ Harvey or Nadine Shah. It’s  complex, knotted and has the potential to be a launchpad
for a very successful 2015 for Scott
” – The Line of Best Fit
With ‘Strange Hellos’, the Nashville songwriter has clung onto her rough edges and embellished them with seething resentment. The lead single from her forthcoming sophomore album, Sprinter, puts the boot to your eardrums with scorched guitar chords and crashing cymbals” – Drowned in Sound
An electronic storm rages at the start of the title track on TORRES’ second album, but Mackenzie Scott’s pounding guitar
maintains a steady defiance…a worthy peer to Sharon Van Etten” –
“‘Sprinter’ contemplates a pastor who preaches to his students of Zacchaeus – the hated tax collector redeemed by Jesus…such tantalising narrative glimpses nudge up against blasts of raw feeling” – Uncut
On ‘Sprinter’, Torres creates dynamic rhythms that ascend and descend through the verses. One moment grinding, the next distorted…a narrative of escape that sounds autobiographical and introspective” – DIY
It doesn’t screech past at 100mph, but rather coasts by at a menacing pace, allowing you to explore the nuances in the alt. country Southern Gothic and hymnal threads” – The Line of Best


This sounds like it could be the first flowering of a major talent” – The Guardian, 4/5
“Mackenzie Scott’s voice conveys raw, urgent desperation, the sort we flinch from instinctually and are attuned, on a primal level, to heed” – Pitchfork, 8.1
It’s wrought with haunting, high-stakes emotions, but the strength of Scott’s voice means it never feels melodramatic or plainly vulnerable” – NME, 9/10

It was a short but powerful performance that solidified her upcoming LP, Sprinter, as one of the year”s most anticipated indie-rock releases” – Rolling Stone (50 Best Things We Saw at SXSW)
The earth beneath Mackenzie Scott’s feet shudders when the 24-year-old singer performs. Ragged, raw and passionate, it’s easy to imagine this Macon, Ga. native releasing a landmark album at some point in her still very young career” – NPR (Some of the Best Things We Heard at SXSW on Friday)
[TORRES] played songs that rose from hazy guitar sounds to moody, turbulent peaks” – The New York Times


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